Ugly girls yawa

Last week I screwed a really not so good looking girl. Fat, dark with a big tummy. A sense of fashion that can only rival that of Awuor followers. In short she was fearfully and not wonderfully made. But not her crotch. It was from venus. Given that I had to really go below my standards to lay her thanks to dry spell, my member took long to get hard but once it stood, I couldn’t stop humping. The sweetness karibu nidodokwe na mate vile nimeconcentrate na fuk. Long story short, I am not screwing her again anytime soon but I know I enjoyed it more than many I have had… What is it that makes ugly women so sweet?

ha ha nobody is ugly just standards…

birds of the same feather…Ama wacha tu

Nobody is ugly, it’s our vanity.

It is normal to feel wasted after using so much energy for a few minutes of bliss. But it is not as bad kama kukatia madam wako bila kujua.

Iyo ni maku haijachokorwa chokorwa, ya wasupa imechokorwa sana ikona mileage


Ugly girls are sweet bcoz they rarely get fucked. Unapata ikusde imekaa almost miezi sita bila kuchokorwa na mboro, kitu ina.cream sawasawa mpaka una.nyce…hawa warembo achana nao. Unaget dem anakulwa almost 20 times per month, sometimes even by different men. I really pity men who settle for or marry extremely beautiful women. Shida tupu

A man with a fruiting mango tree at the edge near a road and has a beautiful woman has 2 similar problems. aPunguze moja:p

:D:D true, the not-so desired ladies have that thing really tight, endea yellow yellow utaingia kisima

I once dated an extremely curvy and lightskin chic. Mrembo ajabu but kuma ilikua na mileage ingine imepita zile import za UG na South Sudan. Nashuku hio mali tulikua tunakula wengi hapo considering she kinda liked being dicked. Any sensible man would avoid settling down with such girls

Sijui ni mimi ndio nazeeka, ama vipi wadau…?


hio ni ile unaletanga saa sita usiku na unaitoa saa tisa ngwaree

You should have posted a flower of the day to accompany that …

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explain this, tightness is lost if you do it with many men and not many times with one guy. also mileage.

Leta through pass.