Don’t know how true it is but just heard that “County Council Askaris should be in FULL SCHOOL UNIFORM and must Operate within Stipulated business hours”…I second that and these idiots should as well carry recording gadgets so that they can record the purported crime coz their side of the story is always a lie…And what disturbs me the most…Is it a requirement to have an ugly face before you become a Kanjo…??? Men, si this guys are uuuuuuuuuuuuugly don’t know from which planet they come from…

THRESHOLD, weka mbisha hata kama ni ya Kidero ama Sonko rescue timuu

Salon imefunguliwa…

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are you a hawker?

Shhhhhhh. Daktari Luteri atakasirika.

Remember God can never give you everything, for these guys they got bad attitude and manners and face na bado niwashyenzi. I hate them with a passion

mama kathanga

Wale Nakumbuka Vizuri ni hawa hapa…Sura Ka Socks imeraruka

No…I taste Pink Handles using my Tongue , Finger and Leg 3…Might you be in need of my services??? Kanjo si stress

Skuizi Moshene inabambia Brothel…

Wanapenda kutwist story sana mkifika ofisi