Uganda's Bobi Wine Charged With "Annoying The President"

Yani these guys couldnt think of a better charge than “Annoying The President”?

Is that even a charge?? Any lawyers in the house…


Huyo hajji wa huko apewe slot Churchill show

M7 hacheki na watu, this is a brain game

Wa Africa tuko na akili za mende

♪♪♪kwekwe shambani mwa nyayo na zilimwe♪♪♪

Huyo ni wewe pekee.

Why get defensive when you know that it does not apply to you? Ama unajishuku unaweza kuwa na akili za mende?

Talk about shithole :D:D:D

He said ‘wa Africa tuko na akili za mende…’. I strongly disagee but you are free to join him in solidarity. Perhaps the two of you could pool brains to attain the thinking capacity of a fly.



I thought you subscribe to Uhurutosm kwa hivyo wewe unapenda umeffi wherever its found worldwide

his name is akward and annoying enuff. Funga na tupa funguo

You know, these kina bobi wine and besigye dont understand the system they live under.

Hii ni DICTATORSHIP. Hawa wakini bobi n besigye ni kama they look at the regular “elections” and think wako democracy.

M7 himself came to power through Blood and Iron. If these guys think ati he will give it up through the ballot, basi they are misguided.

I think that charge of “Annoying the president” was ment to show Bobi contempt. Yani M7 is showing him “I can charge you with anything and you cant do jack about it”.