Uganda's Army (UPDF) and the Fight for Mogadishu...

Well since this post here about KDF Cadets

there was a perception that commissioned Officers from the Rank of Major and above are behind desks and don’t go to the front lines…well here are some youtube videos(you guys hate reading) i have compiled to show how high ranking Infantry Officers plan, execute and lead the battle from the front…inspire their troops by leading the attacks themselves…

since i wanted an African example here is the Ugandan’s UPDF Brigadier Paul Lokech (watch video No 2)…and other videos to show how dangerous the battle for Mogadishu was…well a brigadier is basically a one star general…i will post about ranks later…

For a first hand perspective of how life was under the al shabaab read this blog Mogadishu Man( a very good writer i must say)

To sum it up i’ve added some al lkataib media propaganda just to show you that this terrorists are still with us here and very dangerous as ever and recruit every day

Well for those of you who think the military is a fattening camp for rich kids with political connections and you will get to earn a fat salary and sit under the shade all day…well watch this at your pleasure


Lemmi split up the post its too long… i will put them up in as we go in managable intervals

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Wow! a whole semester on peace keeping and peace enforcement: the theatre, the strategy, risks and mitigation, the whole nine yards summed up for you. That Brigadier (Video 2)knows his stuff

Is it Brig or Col Lokech? That dude looks the part. He has his finger on the pulse of things. It is a joy listening to him. “Pursue the enemy and break his backbone”

All armies do not follow the same mode of operation. In this case, UPDF may not be a fitting example given that it is the military wing of NRM, where everyone (including Museveni) was once a soldier on the ground.

No boss that’s a professional army there. Brigadier Mulinge was captured together with his troops when on a UN peace mission in sierra leone. they do go to war

Well the first video is features the chief of Defence Forces Gen Katumba Wamala…he’s like the CGS in Kenya…you can read his bio here

He was a once the IG of Police( u see Museveni has a deep distrust of the police forces since the days of the bush war so he always appoints an army man as the Police Commish) the current IG is Kale Kaihura also an army commander…well he’s seen here giving a pep talk to the soldiers who have served in Somalia and are now rotated out

The second video is Brig Paul Lokech who Was the UPDF continent commander…and now he’s a Defence attaché to Russia…

and the third vice video is Brg General Dick Olum who took over as contingent commander and is now a commanding officer of the Third a Division…

UPDF is slightly different from the KDF in terms of formations like the Navy and Airforce…but the command structure ie British is the same

Command and control , in the military is the exercise of authority and direction by a properly designated commanding officer over assigned and attached forces in the accomplishment of the mission. Commanding officers are assisted in executing these tasks by specialized staff officers and enlisted personnel. These military staff are a group of officers and enlisted personnel that provides a bi-directional flow of information between a commanding officer and subordinate
military units. The purpose of a military staff is mainly that of providing accurate, timely information which by category represents information on which command decisions are based. The key application is that of decisions that effectively manage unit resources. While information flow toward the commander is a priority, information that is useful or contingent in nature is communicated to lower staffs and units.
There has to be someone on the ground in charge of the whole operation. This person cannot be out in the field/down range/beyond the wire to personally direct action or participate in direct action themselves. ( , )

Now, read this history of general Norman Schwarzkopf jr(,_Jr .) arguably the best military leader after the world wars and tell me he didn’t sit behind a desk even before he saw action as a major. Lemme just mention he was a paratrooper, one of the exceptions I mentioned in the earlier thread.

Area of Responsibility (AOR ) is a pre-defined geographic region assigned to Combatant commanders of the Unified Command Plan that are used to define an area with specific geographic boundaries where they have the authority to plan and conduct operations; for which a force, or component commander bears a certain responsibility. This system is designed to allow a single commander to exercise command and control of all military forces in the AOR, regardless of their branch of service. The Lt Gen was there for this. He will receive intel, plan operations and make decisions from behind a desk at base/camp under the protection of MP’s.

The brigadier you mentioned was nowhere near the fight as it raged but maintained command and control from a safe distance. The fact that he is on the ground as commander of the contingent does not translate into he was on the frontline. For the other one talking about bakara market it was clearly indicated he was visiting

Now read these. btw, we love reading
then watch these…

You will notice the good captain lead his marines into the actual field, proceed to setup “HQ” and communications and direct his marines; not show up after the fact