Ugandani Authorities Ban Corona-themed Kirabu Banger

I guess this song isn’t encouraging Ugandans to observe WHO guidelines on coronavirus, even though it’s peppered with encouraging words such as “fesi maski, curfew, sanitizer, corona, lockdowni, social disitensi”. When I heard “the polisi isi not aroundi”, I knew this ghaseer was encouraging Ugandans to disregard all COVID-19 containment measures :D:D:D.

Heneway, thanks to the Ugandan Ministry of Health for urging the Ugandan Communications Commission to ban it. We’re now aware of this club banger, which will take over Kenya like Parte after parte did.


Meanwhile, across the border raiya hapanatambua useless bans.


M7 akiwaamulia wataitana

Haga hamna