Ugandan Boyshaod Kicking Ball Pale Kaguta Land


He is the Deputy PM pale the land of matoke.

Punguzeni weight majamaa

mzee mzima hivyo unamuita boychild?

Birthday wish to M7 from Profesori Stella [ATTACH=full]194054[/ATTACH]

Wacha ninyamaze juu ni asubuhi

That niggar can collapse any minute na atuache.

That is the sports minister. not the DP

This is in bad taste and Stella will be shot.
Atukane M7 and not the mother


Stella Nyanzi is never rational.

She has done it before, ametusi Janet with passion, she has court cases pending. The Leonard’s “unnas” is ever shafted like hell by the professor

Leopard you mean?:confused:

Hii tuliona kabla newton discovered law of gravity.

Umefika right on time …