Ugandan Bonobos at it again

For years we have always been told how Kenya has career armed forces and the Ugandans are the serious pros. But from the little I have seen of these guys they are no different from bush-league militias in Central Africa. Just goons with guns and uniforms and an exaggerated sense of self-importance. I mean surely, what is this? It’s a miracle nobody got shot. The Ugandans make our Abnormal Police look professional in comparison.

The Uganda police is an army.
Policemen are supposed to be citizens in uniform, not soldiers.

How do you stop a moving car with your hands? Are you Superman?

How can i become a ugandan polis?

No but I have a hand gun and a uniform

I keep telling you that Africans are apes and you don’t believe it.

So many people with guns, are the dude’s in black bodyguards?