ave just recalled a situation in Uganda. Life was so tough in UG, it meant being a mukora or a thief. One evening, I and a Ugandan pal decided to stroll the streets of Kabalagala, we were so broke and hungry, some Muslims were praying in a strategically hidden Mosque, and as their norm, they leave shoes outside, we bought a gunia and hurriedly stashed very expensive shoes about 30 pairs then disappeared in a thin air, we sold the shoes and I will never forget the hangover I had the following two mornings.

it seems that the hangover left with ur osungu.dll!!

Sketch ya “a thin air” capsule required here na si tafadhali.

Life in Uganda was tough. In 2010 we sold a crt monitor to a villager who thought it’s a tv.

Is there also a fat air??

The opposite of ‘thin’ is ‘thick’ dumbazz

ni ujuaji utaacha

Those street names were hilarious.I used to. Like their radio stations. It was better than ours and those f*ckers partied hard


This is the shortest hekaya nishawai soma ni kama joti ya wizi.:slight_smile: