Uganda to reopen schools in January, after almost two years

“Uganda to reopen schools in January, after almost two years | Nation”

Ugandan schools, closed since March last year owing to the pandemic, will reopen in January regardless of currently low vaccination uptake, the country’s president said on Thursday.
“Be informed that the schools will be opened in January and the rest of the economy will be opened in the same month," said Yoweri Museveni.

Wekea sisi (wenye hatuezi pita hio paywall ya nation ) full article hapa ndio tusome

Tanzania didn’t close.

See I respect this decision quite a lot. There’s a certain nation, with a certain CS who’s uglier than the devil’s asshole called Magoha… these fools had to fuck up two freaking years of academic when they could have simply sacrificed just two months. I swear Magoha has PhDs but cannot reason to save his own life.

we were being experimented on. dr magufuli a professor of chemistry realized that and was deaded. the next pandemic will be deadlier and we shall still see bill gates and company talking behind the scenes while our governments are running helter skelter to do strange things to its people

Museveni does not consult anybody. Huyo ni dikteta:D. Europe opened up a month ago and now suddenly mambo imeanza kwa mbaya.

Good for them

Vituko vya Museveni na ng’ombe zake

What are you ranting about haueleweki

Can you imagine if in kenya schools were closed for 2yrs and 7pm - 5am curfew running for 2yrs like in uganda?