All these countries are being ruled by despots who thrive in suppression of the dissidents.
Here is how they rule

  • intimidation and jailing of those who oppose them
    -Rampant insecurity
  • Ensuring that all indipendent govt institution pay their homage to the supreme leader
    -rampant sporadic disasters
  • extreme corruption
  • suppressing the opposition
  • non functioning of the judiciary.
  • unemployment and failing healthcare

Is Kenya far from this?

Very far, kama Moi decided to give the instruments of power under humiliations at Uhuru Park. @coldpilsner my friend ulikuwa class…

I find it very interesting when opposition talks about living in a dictatorship when we just had a presidential election annulled. They seem to have forgotten how it was under moi. They should go to Uganda or Rwanda so they appreciate how much freedom they have now.

yet we use some as a yardstick when it suits us? Kweli ubwege na ubaradhuli ni moja wapo wa vipaji kwa wengine wetu

:D:D:D:D… Thread closed!!!

There’s a saying in Greek to the effect that “When a child is full, s/he advices the mother to raze down the granary”

Oppression is what nyanza leader have to go through before the win a political seats. Kama Baba hajasema wewe tosha you might as well stop wasting your time. To add salt injury nomination certificates are sold to the highest bidders. That right there is oppression . The same person who is coming up with this oppression bullshit is a close associate to magufool.

Not sure about the facts. Somalia has no despot. It’s a new democracy. None of those above countries has a despot. Maybe N.Korea.

Sikilia mimi ward mate

Rao amesema nini Leo.

Aki. If you were seeking nomination on NASA TICKET you will know what working under a despot means.

People subverting Justice complaining about being stopped from subverting Justice by claiming it is subverting Justice…

Yeah, that sounds like JaKuon-inspired monkey business.

Kenya is a democracy. We are the fourth country, in the world, to annul a presidential election. We are the first country, in the world, to annul a presidential election without counting the votes.

So what is democratic about that? I have a feeling you have an IQ of a door mat

why do some people feel the need to consider their OPINION far much important than others? Upuss

@coldpilsner are you trying to say that nullifying an election without counting the votes, despite the lack of precedence, was not democratic?

So finally you agree with me and the entire TEAM RWNEEEEBP?


Kenya isn’t far from this, it’s already in. Let me show you.

1; Intimidation and jailing those who oppose them.

Ten guys are going to be hanged for opposing Uhuruto.

2; Rampant insecurity.
Do I really need to explain how Kenya is insecure? Musendo was murdered a few days to election, D.P Ruto’s house was attacked, Kabete MP George Muchai and his 3 aides were shot dead in Nairobi. Forget abt al shabaab attacks, rape cases are all over the country. Just this year, a rape case from Kenya was named the world’s worst case for women’s rights.
And what abt police killings? Your country has a shameful record! it’s the 3rd country in the world and 1st in Africa where police kill more people.smh…

As of 24 september 2017,the police have shot 143 people to their deaths.

3; Ensuring that all indipendent govt institution pay their homage to the supreme leader.

Have you forgotten the way uhuru reacted to the judges after the court nullified presidential results? Was that not asking the judiciary to pay their homage to Uhuruto?

And what would you say about the amendment of laws over poll petition a few days before reelection? Do you think Jubilee MPs are doing it on their own will?

4; Rampant sporadic disasters.
Kenya is full of catastrophes! The most significant one being famine!

5; Extreme corruption.
Kenya is one of the most corrupt Nations in the world. 2017 global rankings put kenya at 36 position and 14 in Africa!

6; Suppressing the opposition!
As we speak, Kenya’s opposition leaders need clearance from the state house before traveling abroad! Do you find this fair huh?

7; Non functioning of the judiciary.
I have Said abt this, how uhuru intimidates the judges promising to revisit, should he win the election.

8; Unemployment rate and failing health care.
Do you know that Kenya has the worst unemployment rate in East africa?

At least kwenye health care mnajitahidi japo vijijini bado.

Nullifying election isn’t the only indicator of democracy! FYI, Kenya has never overtaken tz in the democracy index. Checkout here!

Tell that to the TZ judges, media, and opposition. You are in Kenya, you are in contact with TZ folk and you still think TZ is more democratic than Kenya because you read somewhere? The election thing was sarcastic. Follow the thread and see what I was driving at. A judge nullified an incumbent’s re-election in Kenya. Maghufuli is terrorizing the media and opposition with abandon. I rest my case!