UG Rides fcuking cheap

At first I thought they were conmen but after going through several rides; I think kenyans tend to over price stuff, from houses to rides, or maybe the duty regime maybe quite favorable in UG making guyz sell off cars quite cheaply. This is a legacy B4 that in Kenya may be going for arnd half a milli or between 400 to 500k. But in UG, its going for 7million ugandan shillings roughly tranlating to KSHS. 217,000 bob at today’s rates. The only draw back ni one is required to get a permit every three months at 50USD from KRA if the car is 2000cc and below. (This last bit needs clarification)

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How old is the car?

the second one is a 2002 model that presently goes for not less than 400k in kenya

land/range rovers
and the likes hazinanga resale value… i wouldnt be surprised zikiwa cheap hivi


The reason is because UG doesn’t have 8 year restrictions on MV imports

Toyota anytime…you wld b surprised if it retains its value after 2yrs or better still increase

Must you sell a car after buying it??? Did my folk with a 504 consider selling his kWS or to get to his destination. I personally need need a Subaru forester n I have no intention of ever selling it. Gari sio nyanya ati lazima uuze kabla haijaharibika.

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nilikua ninasema

kweli gari sio investment, you enjoy the experience offered and that is all I look for