This one goes out to the UFO buffs kwa kijiji


Siku hizi zinaitwa Unexplained Ariel Phenomena.
Ningependa siku moja niende hiiArea 52.
No one will watch a 1hr video labda kapote.

We’re alone

why do we not have reports of UFOs in Africa? why do we have olduvai gorge with stone tools but not dinosaur fossils?

There have been a bunch of them in west africa,senegal,morocco,tunisia and algeria since 1952. A witnessed landing in a zimbabwe school back in 94 with actual greys. The most recent was over khartoum but it was dismissed as a failed satellite baloon despite numerous description of a flying disk. A tangible evidence of a ufo of living entities from other worlds would shake up the faith of many

Really? Despite the vastness of the universe?


Hii inadepend on interest. If you are interested in such phenomenon you’ll watch