UFC 269

Paiva v O’Malley…O’Malley win
Nunes v Pena…Nunes win
Oliveira v Poirier…Oliveira win…

Lets wait for the action…!

Hiyo main event kuna tashwishwi. If I was a gambler singewekelea hiyo. Naona it can go either way.

Oliveira’s chin is questionable. Ujue he got clipped by Chandler in the first round and the bell saved him. Dustin is a better boxer than Chandler.

Ni sawa but mimi nimekufa na Oliveira. Nigga has the most submission wins in UFC lightweight history. Either he wins by submission or decision. I wont underate Poirier though. He is a machine. He gave Conor, Gaethje, Holloway and Eddie Alvarez a run for their money.

Oliveiras only path to victory is a submission. If it goes to a decision, Dustin will win.

Oliveira wins by submission.

Kweli kabisa. Your prediction came to pass. That Brazilian is submission machine. Poirier seemed lost in the 2nd round.

I think Poirier did not expect a submission transition to start while standing. That guy is a grandmaster. The whole submission was done on his feet when he got one hook in.

Nunes lost her title. Someone staked $300k on Nunes. Najua analilia choo sasa.

Actually Oliveira has submitted many fighters using that technique. There is a reason why he has many submission wins.

Nunes started losing it in the 2nd round. She was completely outclassed and fatigued. Pena was calm and collected. That submission actually shocked me. Nunes beat the crap out if Ronda Rousey who was the feared female UFC fighter. She had to run to WWE after that loss.

Nunes got stung by Pena’s jab. There is a time when she got stung about five times consecutively. But Pena knew that she would tire Nunes out.

I wasn’t expecting that, what a card!

kama uko na 300k for gambling I don’t think you’re sleeping hungry.

$300k is equivalent to Kshs. 30 million…get that

For you to gamble 300k usd lazima wewe ukue multi millionaire.