ufc 265: Lewis v Gane

Lewis with the win…

Jose Aldo has just won his match…

Gane beats the crap out of thw black beast…

Gane wins

I really wanted Gane to win. The Black Beast was getting cocky and disrespectful just because he was in his home state.
My Man Ngannou is on notice. He is from the same background as Gane. Used to have the same trainer with whom Nganou fell out. They know him inside out. But Ngannou has improved quite a lot grappling-wise. It will be a Pay Per View windfall for Dana White. Dana is a smooth businessman.

Gane will have an easy time taking down Ngannou. He is heavyweight but was moving like a featherweight. His fight IQ is on the top and he is a humble person. Lewis was too cocky and he was also too heavy for this fight. His movement was slowed by his weight. He came at 264.5 lbs while Gane came in at 247 lbs having a height advantage, Gane was more flexible. Lewis was relying on his punch power but couldnt use it to take Gane down as he (Gane) was too fast for him.

Francis must be worrying now.

After this prediction i shall hedge all my bets on francis:D:D