UEFA Champions League Quarters draw


Can’t cast ma vote… i can only cast ma burden …

…unto the Lord…

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Barca. Is a sure thing.
Juve wamepewa mboga.
Bayern pia Porto ni kupiga mswaki.
Dogfight ni hio ya real na athletico.

My two centso_O

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Agreed. Kitu itaokoa Real ni fight ya Cristiano vs Messi for the Ballon. UCL success goes a long way kusaidia votes

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Messi form yake imerudi lakini real as team wamepoteza form.

@Saka naomba wameet … Messi vs CR7 is always interesting. Btw kuna raiyaa inadai PSG pia wanaeza surprise Barca… mtu akiwa na Barca walikua almost guaranteed kuwin ni Guardiola. walimess kumwachilia

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Nadai final ya barca _ bayern or juve - bayern/barca

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dont write off PSG that easily. Tight fixture too

kwanza second leg Ibra akirudi…but itabidi gameplan wazimu. Messi ameamka

Someone said the reason Kenyans love Epl is due to it’s competitiveness.Then explain to me how and why the La Liga can have 3 teams in the quarters and this, for the 2nd consecutive year.

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Individual league do picks 4-5 season back the English league dominated the cl having English teams meeting in the finals

They shot themselves in the foot. Wakiongozwa na Arsenal who made a complete mess of things in that 3-1 home loss. I think wali-underestimate Monaco. But the league as a whole is competitive- in that the small guys can determine who wins. In La Liga for example, Real and Barca exchange the league between themselves kama tag team… In the epl we have both Manchesters, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool who can mount a serious challenge anytime. However, the small guys also make them drop points anytime. How often do Bayern, Juventus, Real and Barca drop points at the small clubs? Not very. That is why we love the epl. Any game can end with a surprising result. Juzi Burnley walichapa Man City kimchezo tu…Barca were whooping Valladolid or some other team…Real kuchapa watu 4+ goals all the time. thats an easy league. Bayern am sure wameboeka kuwin league ‘flawless’ … Bundesliga ni kama birthright. EPL ni kung’ang’ana kama kawa

Ok, the big teams do all that in the La Liga, in the Bundes and in the Serie A.Those leagues are simple right?No competitveness, then why are they too strong for English teams?Weak uncompetitve leagues would be expexted to have weak teams.

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Very trye, there’s no EPL team in Europa, the supposed second tier of European football. Hata in the last ten years, more Spanish teams have won both UCL and Europa than English teams. I think fatigue is also an issue coz English teams compete for four trophies every season and that is why a team like Chelsea has been docile in the last 3 weeks

What I am saying is, as a league Bpl is stronger. Individually Bayern, Real and Barca are stronger than the strongest Bpl team… Hio sikatai. But La Liga and Bundesliga as a whole are weaker than Bpl. They are composed of two or three big boys and the rest are just flower girls. Not so in the Bpl.

Exactly. Fatigue also comes in because England has no winter break. All the others have it. Infact its during the winter/xmas period where the Bpl schedule becomes packed. This leads to injuries and fatigue issues which definitely come into play later on in the league and the Champions league.

Epl in general is overated just hoofing the ball and very few teams playing technical football ala arsenal & how many teams from the epl have won the champions league in the last decade…?or even the europa league…?but hats off to the epl they are entertaining

Yeah. BPL got the marketing aspect of football right compared to other leagues such as La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga. Halafu, Barca and Real also benefit from unfair financial practices in their country which serves as a disadvantage to other Spanish teams.

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