UCL DRAW 1/4 finals

Live on supersport 5!
Bayern, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Roma, Sevilla, Juventus & Man City

Am also watching.

Updates please

Zitakam… Wanaongea na UCL ambassador saa hii


Fc Barcelona Vs As Roma

Sevilla Vs Bayern Munich

Barcelona vs AS Roma

Juventus Vs Real Madrid

Liverpool Fc Vs Man City

Wamemaliza Premier league hopes of winning the CL once more.

Semi finalists prediction
Bayern Munich
Fc Barcelona
Real Madrid
Manchester City

Umeona hio thumbs up representatives wa Bayern wamepeana after kuskia wanapata Sevilla. Green emoji.

Eeh nimeona… Wanajua hapo aggregate ni kama vs Arsenal

Man United would be meeting Bayern now. Good riddance to the early exit.

Arsenal Vs CSKA Moskow

Juventus ndio dawa ya real madrid… Juventus to qualify for the semis ! they eliminated real madrid a while back and now they’re red hot! remember this juventus last year eliminated barca

very likely remember juve r already in control of seria A they are back at the top so they will try to eliminate realmadrid

Arsenal will face CSK Moscow.
Barcelona will face Roma.
Real Madrid will face Juventus.
Bayern will face Sevilla.
Liverpool will face Man City.
Man United will face the TV.


RB Leipzig v Marseille

Arsenal v CSKA Moscow

Atletico Madrid v Sporting Lisbon

Lazio v Red Bull Salzburg