UC browser mini

This browser does not allow replies and editing in threads. Can anything be done? I had moved to it since my Opera mini is crashing.

What do you mean? [ATTACH=full]8602[/ATTACH]


Try the main UC browser…its awesome…

@ol monk or @Deorro help me here, when i click on alerts and the tab drops down, it annoys me coz when i want to go back to the threads i either have to reaload the page ama scroll down click on a thread ndio nirudi Home page…coz if i click again on the alerts it will open it in full page…can the back button on my phone close that menu ama if i click it again ijifunge instead of kufungua the whole page…guide me here please!

Or put a close option between show all and alert preferences…

uc browser inatafuna battery ajabu… why dont you use browser inbuilt ya simu?! iko powerful btw

I used to use opera na saa hii natumia UC bt sioni difference in terms of charge…in built browser ya simu navigation tu ni hussle na simple things like back /forwad it has to reload afresh! Really annoying!I Got liberated from all this by UC browser!

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The only browser nimeona inamumunya charge ni chrome

I have had problems too replying to posts on UC browser. @admin is aware about it. I had to stop using it and use the phone browser.

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xenforo software ndio inasumbua hizi simu

UC mini doesn’t even display posted videos. Naona tu ‘this video reminds me of…’ editing a reply huwezi. Back to Opera mini.

Try opera mobile for two days first.

try opera mini beta. its small light and got features of the full opera

Yaaaaaay…thank you!