Ubuquiti nanostation

Which nanostation model can receive both 2.4 and 5ghz? Ubiquiti have either the loco m2 (2.4ghz) or the loco m5(5ghz)… I know 5ghz is better but highly susceptible to obstruction of los. So I need one that supports both frequencies.

Chukau nano M5 alafu uhamie , ni wapi tuliona flat refu refu ?? eeh huko.

just buy powerbeam

lol this is is its not about the Ubiquitti… its all about which frequency your isp uses… if he uses 2.4ghz you can use loco m2 and it will server you well if he uses 5ghz you cant use loco m2 it will not be compatible it will never work… but m5 can work on both 2.4 And 5ghz

Can the powerbeam receive both. Ama pia kuna different categories?

What you are asking is a vehicle that uses both diesel and petrol.
It doesn’t exist
Out of curiosity mtaa gani?

What about this

Loco m2 is a 2.5ghz 8dbi antenna
It’s counterpart is the loco m5 for the 5ghz frequency.
That said I do take back my earlier statement since the only way I can say it doesn’t exist is if I see it not existing.
But I am not aware of the existence of one.

5ghz si inaeza tumia both 2.4 na 5

Rocket M5 AC ndio kusema you can do slightly over 50 KMs with average throughput of 122 Mbps, bora ujue kucheza na power output and frequencies

Ok… ballance me here real quick. Is this a receiver or a transmitter?

you can use both as T or R… boss ingia youtube utajifunza ata kusambasa net over a long distance

Unifi AC mesh models