Ubuntu stuck on booting

Am booting ubuntu and its stuck here. Tech gurus nisaidieni hapa

Bro, you still have a bootable drive in?? If that the case try 1st minimal installation. Let see if that works. If not, need to check your HDD . Which vers of this if you don’t mind?
On the side note small bro. You have made one of the greatest ‘mistake/decision in your life’ :frowning: to be free) in your life. One you will be happy of some years down the road if you will remain consistent.

I don’t have a bootable drive plugged its booting from hdd
& on the note, which mistake are you talking about…

In philosophy we say, “human is condemned to be free”…you have chosen freedom.
Anyway, so this device used to boot on the same OS (Ubuntu)then it failed?


I think the version of Ubuntu you have installed isnt compatible with that machine

try and type “fsck” let me know

I suspect your file system got corrupted. fsck usually repairs that

i also had this problem a while back

“fsck -y /dev/sdb” where /dev/sdb is your mounted drive.
you could also opt to reinstall the os(you will lose all your programs)

if you have important files, remove the hard disk and copy its contents onto another computer as an external drive, then format it.
Next, put it back into the computer and re-install the OS.

remove any flashdisk connected to your comp

otherwise reinstall grub

which version of ubuntu is that?