Ubiquiti Power Beam

Nataka kubai
[SIZE=4][B]Ubiquiti Power Beam PBE-M5-400[/B][/SIZE] ama M5 620 any . Nigani poa advice yenye inaeza send and receive signal 30km +
Outdoor 5 GHz, 27- 30 dBi

naninaweza get wapi

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wapi @Luther12 ajibu hii swali

Do you want to buy or SELL? Coz iyo link ya OLX iko na price…

I have it

ngapi? NA How many dBI NA PBE

Sijui alot about this things, lakini I think for 30km km you will need a very high tower

Education. .what kind of signal ,audio or video ? Apana matusi …leteni masomo

12k pbe m5-400

Those Nano Beams M5-400 will work for you and on that distance. However they are point to point or point to Multipoint radios, so Line of Site is a must.

However if you are operating on a free frequency you may experience some interference but on licenced frequencies they are just fine. You can get them from Wayra Telecom Ltd, hapo Hurlighum, nairobi.

Thank man how much