Uber sets up shop in Nairobi

What is uberX?

For those who don’t know, uberX is our low-cost alternative to move you around Nairobi in a safe, cheap and reliable way. Our uberX platform is already available in many African cities, such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Lagos, Cairo, and now it has arrived in Nairobi!

Why is it the safest ride in town?

Uber’s innovative technology means customers and partner drivers’ benefit from the following gold standard safety measures, designed to improve safety & reliability. Safety features include: Driver information, live GPS enabled map, ability for riders to give feedback, cashless transactions and all drivers are put through rigorous biometric based criminal background checks.

What does it cost?
[li]Base Far KES100 + KES 4 per minute + KES 60 per km[/li][li]Cancellation: KES 300[/li][li]Minimum Fare: KES 500[/li][li]To celebrate Uber’s launch into Nairobi all riders will get a 20% discount on their fares, for two weeks only starting today[/li][/ul]
What type of car?

[li]Riders can expect uberX vehicles that are Toyota Corollas, Fielders or equivalent.[/li][/ul]
Want to try an Uber?
[li]Download Uber via the App Store on iOS, Android or Windows or sign up here[/li][li]No need for cash. Register your account with a credit card or debit card (Visa/MasterCard)[/li][li]Drop the pin on your pick up location & track the car in real-time[/li][/ul]

nilipna hii takataka the trend…
amshida ni ukishaa ingia na uweke Card 500 imeenda :frowning: na nairobi traffic ni advantage kwa hawa mafala…

aii uberX ni ziii

I did a piece on that [SIZE=4]Uber Finally Launched In Nairobi[/SIZE]

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