UBER looses License to operate in London.

Apparently they have not complied with the safety and security standards set by TFL (transport for London). There have actually been rapes associated with passengers using the service.
In their defence, UBER argue that it’s just a political decision by the Labour party run City.

Labour has always been against the “gig economy” culture that is quickly growing in Britain.
Employers can easily get around employment laws by claiming that workers are Self employed and thus don’t have to give holidays sick pay , pension etc…
And yet the so called self employed are forced to work exceptional hours just to stay afloat.

This,the Labour party claims is the reason unscrupulous drivers end up working for UBER etc which has seen the rise in crime.

I totally agree with the Labour party.
UBER, Amazon and other digital platforms are just a face for modern slavery where only shareholders and profits matter.

UBER has appealed and they have until the 13 of October when the rules will be made.
If it’s upheld, it’s expected that UBER will basically be kaput in Britain and the repurcussion will be felt across many other industries e.g Amazon, eBay delivery companies, Takeaway food delivery companies etc… They all rely on self employed drivers.

I think this is the beginning of the end for UBER.

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Apparently how did uber “loose” the license???

Walikua wameibeba london alafu ikanguka kwa chini?..ama ilikua ime hang kwa ukuta alafu ika loose its grip and fell down?

Or ulikua unamanisha they lost (past tense of lose) ther UBER license???

Very valid points. I think some form of regulation should be put in place for online jobs


I don’t like using taxis.It’s expensive,wastage of money and promotes insecurity.If i am not using my car to go where i am going.I will use matatu or walk.

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This is not about you.


It"s about who?

Can that jurisprudence apply elsewhere?

Uber ain’t going nowhere

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Kuna mtu hakupewa kickback yake

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Chukua like, and I wish ningekupatia more than one like. I too find taxis and boda insecure, they will track your movements and find you in your apartment. I too walk, drive or use matatu.

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