UAP Ndakaini Half Marathon: Saidieni fitness enthusiasts

I want to actually participate in this half marathon which will take place on 12th September, so according to their timer here i have kindu 52 days to get fit enough to complete this half marathon.
Over the last 3 weeks now, i have been preparing myself by running/jogging/walking for approx. 4Km on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays…
Dr. @Luther12 or @The.Black.Templar (cheki maneno) saidia and confirm if am on track to finish this race. or should down grade to the 10km race?
Also should avoid alcohol intake over the weekends during this period ( I drink on Fridays & Satos only, but during this period, am taking wines instead of beers (no consolation!:D).
What kind of foods should I eat/avoid?
Hasanda sana.

where did she state that? ni ukweli?

@Electronics4u I only know how to ride the bike for fun…and from experience a change in climate and environment always invigorates someone, usishangae hio siku you wanting to do more than 20kms.

I say, I will be on leave that month, might just think about taking my bike there and “participating” labda I might tag along with @Nefertities on my bike :slight_smile:

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Yeah…join in and bring along the beautiful @Nefertities with you. @Supu don, I expect to see you there?

well well…actually i plan on being on leave in sep but am not sure i can do the whole stretch…a few KMs maybe…:cool:


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i’ve done most of the races and normally cover 21km…was planning to start 42km hizi za Nai but Ndakaine will go 21km as well…Never been to Ndakaine but from what i hear that place ata 10km, its like you’ve covered 30km…TO BE HONEST…I DON’T THINK BY WALKING AND STUFF YOU DOING ENOUGH CONSIDERING THAT TERRAIN…If it were Stanchart or the easy ones here in Nai sawa…but that…Nop…How bout you try Jogging over the weekends and cover a long distance and make sure tafuta place iko na mlima kubwa kidogo and run up and down mara ka 3 or 4. if hakuna tafuta somewhere kuna stairs and make your runs…Lastly if you don’t go oto the gym, fanya free squats…to burn them thigh’s…You need endurance papa…

I’d think that it will be like weights. Yes, you started running 4km, but you should have progressed steadily by increasing the distance each time, even by 200m. Such that by the time you’re running the whole thing, you might manage even 10km without breaking a sweat.

[B]Google is your friend ::


Your mileage should gradually increase each week with your longest run being 18-20 miles. You should then taper off in the final weeks leading up to the marathon to allow your body to recover from training and so you will be strong on marathon day. Having a 20-mile run under your belt will give you a major psychological advantage on marathon day.

Following is a suggested beginner marathon training schedule. The schedule assumes you have been running for at least 6-10 weeks at can run for at least 30 minutes without stopping (See 26-week schedule).

16-Week Marathon Training Schedule
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Total
1 3 Rest 4 3 Rest 5 Rest 15
2 3 Rest 4 3 Rest 6 Rest 16
3 3 Rest 4 3 Rest 7 Rest 17
4 3 Rest 5 3 Rest 8 Rest 19
5 3 Rest 5 3 Rest 10 Rest 21
6 4 Rest 5 4 Rest 11 Rest 24
7 4 Rest 6 4 Rest 12 Rest 26
8 4 Rest 6 4 Rest 14 Rest 28
9 4 Rest 7 4 Rest 16 Rest 31
10 5 Rest 8 5 Rest 16 Rest 34
11 5 Rest 8 5 Rest 17 Rest 35
12 5 Rest 8 5 Rest 18 Rest 36
13 5 Rest 8 5 Rest 20 Rest 38
14 5 Rest 8 5 Rest 9 Rest 27
15 3 Rest 5 3 Rest 8 Rest 19
16 3 Rest 3 Walk 2 Rest 26.2 Rest 34.2

do you guys have a map of the general area of the race? ama ata munieleze kwa google maps