U.K. gal looking

U.K. housewife 59 looking to correspond with sexy Kenyan guys.

husband cool



@kimakia tunakuonea 18

:D:D70-80% possibility wewe ni veined tree holder…

I’m gen x




Tunajua hio handwriting:D

Looks like @KaBuda

Look lady, you sound nice but for some reason guys on this site are allergic to free pussy. If you want “Sexy Kenyan Guys” from this website specifically, you’d better put a price tag on that poon, lassie.

@T.Vercetti tunakujua unataka kutombwa mkundu na hii new handle

Cool hasband here…tuma fare Kwanza plis

Gay !!!

Hmm, your name rhymes with ‘jela’…

Just always old white mamas comming to Africa

Why couldn’t you come to correspond when you were 18 - 24 years

The black guy seems to be left to eat leftovers bottom of the barrel used and disposed white women if not old single mothers

That a black guy can only get a white lady if he’s super rich, an athlete etc… and still they don’t last

He has to work twice as hard to get half as much respect.

And why would he anyway

Baki kwenu ghaseer

Ghasia kumbaff kaa na bwanako!