Tyson Fury Vs Alex Usyk :The countdown is over. Leo ni Leo!

This is like Tyson Vs Holyfield or Tyson Vs Lewis or The Rumble in the Jungle ( Ali Vs foreman).
You dare not miss…

May 18th.
The following day (May 19th) English Premier League goes down the wire…

What a weekend?


and Chelsea are now 8th on the log, hio siku we will take your Europa league spot

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Its going to be a cracker init

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Usyk ataangushwa. The only meaningful boxer he has fought is Joshua. And he only won by split decision.


Tyson fury winning this unless betting mafia do dat ting

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Fury is a bum, he got dropped by Ngannou who AJ made light work of. Fury also almost got finished by Wilder na uliona what Parker did to the same Wilder. Which other notable fighters other than an over the hill Klitschko has Fury fought?


Fury mailed in Ngannous fight.He didn’t practice or train. He looked out of shape. He knew Ngannou had no chance and didn’t take it serious and treated it like a exhibition fight. And remember he had the Ursyk fight scheduled 6 weeks after that fight, there’s no way he was going to train for 2 fights back to back.

Also,he has been dropped many times in his career and has always come back to win. All that Ngannou victory noise is by people who don’t understand boxing.
Parker beat Wilder, but it wasn’t like he dominated him. In fact Wilder probably got his brain damaged by the two losses to Fury, he took some heavy punches to his head.

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You are just making excuses for Fury. Fury knows his limitations and that’s why he’s been avoiding top guys like Usyk and AJ and choosing to rematch bums like Chisora for the umpteenth time


I’m going by his record.

Fight of the decade.

Mike Tyson Boxing GIF by SHOWTIME Sports

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Leo ni Leo.

Niko na Tyson Fury

Screaming Tyson Fury GIF by Top Rank Boxing

Timù Njegaa.


Fury is expected to win; the judges’ scores will likely favor him. Boxing, much like the EPL (focus is on where Man city is involved hehe), suffers from rampant corruption.

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Draw match.

I told you

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Looks like Ursyk broke the barrier.


First of all, why did the ref stop the fight and score a knockdown when we could see there was an impeding knockout?

The fat pig got put out to dry.

I knew he was going to get skinned when that pussy Drake picked him to win.

When Fury was a boxer, he was unstoppable. Then he became a Netflix star, a book author and a bum.

The writings were on the wall when he got iced by Ngannou.

It’s downhill for him from here.