Tyrone kapigwa risasi baada yu kumchargia polisi na visu za aina za sai

Kwani rona huwa inasumbuanga watu akili au nini



Dude might have been on drugs like crystal meth

PCP more likely


“But you know blacks naturally are not violent. It’s only white Trump supporters who can get triggered into committing random acts of violence.” - @mugwanjira the Wakandan witchdoctor.

“Blacks are peaceful you can never see these type of activities in Africa or in black neighborhoods. It’s not in black people’s nature.” - @Yunomi the Wakandan bamboo seeds, shoots and saprings farmer.

“Black people do not attack fellow black people. Blacks are not violent.” - @Tony254 , black panther. Leader of Wakanda Kingdom Muchatha Chapter.



The white man with beards comes with his lorry and takes all the minerals and resources. And then he leaves the black man with sharp knives for committing murder.

The white man with beards takes all the seeds, shoots and saprings from the mother-rad.

Tuongee tu ukweli. When you go charging at an armed person (let alone a cop), what do you expect. The saying goes: do not bring a knife to a gun-fight!

This low IQ african spend his time finding videos to list on kenyatalk which portrays african americans in bad light… Low IQ africans :D:D:D

He deserved to die. You don’t charge at someone with knives

Jungle software running. Blacks pale kwa trump wamezidi tu . Wacha wauliwe kwa upumbavu wao

Tuseme ukweli, chances are huyo ni black American ama illegal immigrant. Legal black immigrants don’t get up to such upuss, they are focused and know what they went to America to do!

Muanze kulia black lives matter sasa.

But ukweli tu how effective are those tasers hii Si mara ya kwanza naona msee amekuwa tazed but Ni Kama amerushiwa popcorn akule

Did he died to death after being killed?

No, created an account in Krnyatalk and now calls himself @BubbleMan

Too much drugs and video games

Could have ended up in disaster. 1 fatality here.



Relatives : Tyrone dindunuthing

Assailants’ name: Tyrone Dindunufin
Next of Kin: Tyrese Gibsmedat

White trash wanapenda meth sana ni kama blacks na crack.