Tyrese brutally attacks a BMW in New York City

Folks this what Biden’s America looks like, the fine people of the Democratic Party. Notice there are no cops around to stop this madness because they’re afraid of BLM.


But why are they so angry? Jeez like they are demon possessed. Shouldn’t young people be happy and living positively with their community? Very sad.

@Abba , @Kennedy Maina and @slevyn would have you believe that these are highly educated and well behaved Biden supporters simply defending themselves from RACIST gun toting, evangelical white Southerners who attacked first.

They will even add that the BMW is very racist and it’s beating up the black kid by hurling it’s windscreen at his innocent feet.:rolleyes:

It’s Tyrone you ignorant Karen. Tyrese is the black guy from the Fast and Furious franchise.

Look at how the racist MAGA bonnet is hitting that poor child’s arms. Totally merciless.

Tyrese, Tyrone, Tyree…same thing. Tu comprends Shanikwa Latisha Johnson??

But of course they are all future Rhodes scholars, Nobel prize winners and Ivy League grads. :D:D Nothing to see here.

Correction dumbass the black guy or character you speak of is known as Roman Pearce played by an actor whose real name is Tyrese Gibson.



If you want us to be 100% specific then you should similarly follow suit.

What would be the legal consequences if you run them over and the claim self-defense? You can clearly see that their lives were in danger, a jury would definitely see that I did not have any other option.

Si korti mmejionea na macho zinaunga upande gani?

He was probably doing the arithmetic in his head.

Tyrone, Tyrese, Jamal & Omar wuz good boyz. They dindu nuffin

Habari purple

Tulizeni kendez you racist coons… here is MAGA being patriotic



o_Oo_O o_O

Unadharau wasichana wanaitwa Shaniqua Johnson kwani unaona vile we huitwa Peninnah Waitherero ndio kusema. Ghaseer

They are protesting peacefully not bending amendment laws to declare themselves presidents.

Your husband is also Tyrone.
dont forget.

Prosecute them !!! how dare they risk their life by cling on a German machine then attack the owner of the bavarian machine!!! This is pure hooliganism!!!