Tyre Purchase Recommendation

Good people, I’m looking to change the tyres on my car. I’ve been running Falken 215, 55, 17, for the last 3 years or so, no complaints at all

I intend to get some directional tyres of the kind shown below, nimeona some nice reviews about better grip, especially on wet road surfaces. Also, they look very good and sporty. Nimepigia the likes of Kingsway, Autoexpress, Silverways tyres, Falken, they either don’t have the tyres ama wako na some budget brands from China, Thailand et Al.

Nataka kubuy, 225, 45 , 17, for front and 245 45, 17 za nyuma, some fellow at Autoexpress advised the above given that I carry different rim sizes front and back.

So, where can I get directional tyres in Nairobi?


tafuta GT indonesia iko na directional poa.

Thank him later.

Thanks, nitacall kesho

Hio " mguu" Ni a road based tire ,Mimi natumia maxxis trepador for my j120 , imported from USA ,kitu 40 k a piece

Massive Tire roll noise must be your close friend kwanza kwa highway.:D:D:D:D:D:D

How do you import such bulky items, iyo 40k ni plus transport?

40 k Ni Tyre peke ,add a compatible rim na cost za logistics ,DHL wanaletaa mtu if you can pay ,total cost per corner kitu 60 k

Hii natumia huko mashinani ,huku Nairobi natumia maxxis run flats za BMW f 15 .

AutoXpress Mombasa rd, next is the Goodyear country dealer. You will find your Eagle F1 asymmetrical tires there.

Thank you, I’ll check this out

It sounds like you are pushing a German performance machine with a staggered tyre setup. If you can squeeze yourself, import Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 4s from UK. They will be here in a week using Aramex. Thank me later.

I’m interested in this. What do Aramex charge for shipping?

Should be around 12 to 15k. Most critical is liaising with them about their collection points otherwise if you have to arrange for a small time courier to pick them, that freight can kill you but otherwise you should be good. The biggest other cost is 20% Import Duty and 16% VAT both computed on the invoice value of the tyres.

Is that 15k per tire or set of four?

Kwani Gari umeomba

For a set of four. I shipped in 4 Pilot Sport 4 tyres in December 2018. All in, it came to 142k instead of around 137k. Shipping agent fulani nilitumia ya mlami waliongeza handling fee ya 5 k which I was not too happy about. Otherwise, the four tyres cost around 88k, shipping ya about 13,500 then duty na VAT

That’s a huge difference to what I was being quoted(double what you had). I’ll get intouch with Aramex and see what they can do for me.