The guy decided to open a OnlyFans account and seems to be living his best life

Wow he’s ugly

@MikeOck niaje

Ni kusota. For a rapper who was making billboard hits a few years to open an Onlyfans account, it means the money is drying up.

But daaaaamn, those are a lot of women.

Is it because he has an unlimited access to women

Thats a lot of women bana. Nigga been fucking women from all races, black, white, latino, asian, chinese etc…

STI Studios.

Lol this kind of life will leave you feeling real empty inside

Nigga , got mad groupies…

It’s a shaming tactic.

Tyga akimwomba cooomer hatakata then hapa ati he is ugly…

Stick to your lane madam…

wacha simba marara ajibambe. pesa ni yake

His star has been fading since he hooked up with that Kardashian girl who used to sustain his lifestyle. This is a shame for a lad of his talent.

Finest wine niaje

I think I can read into this greeting:D:D:D:D:D

:D:D:D:D swafi sanaa, KU KLUX KLAN (the racist gang) hawakuwai evolve as an institution wapate funding na technology?

Nigga be eating ass in the fifth picture that’s what’s up

Omwami anakula pornstars

by the way , ama wacha tu…


The guy was born into a fam with cash. He doesn’t need to be a rapper to be balling or be maintained by any Kardashian.