Two teams that have to lose for Kenya to qualify

If Benin and Angola, who have 2 points apiece lose their last group stage matches, then Kenya will sail through to the knock-out stages as one of the best four 3rd placed teams.

We dont deserve to be in the knock out stages.

Me thinks Wanyama is overrated.

Wachana na harambee stars wa RIP. No one wants to watch a 10-0 match.

Not by much though

What’s the need of qualifying then they meet Egypt then they get humiliated,

Remember we are in Egypt to participate not to win.

huyo coach is trying,next time atafute vijana wadogo 19-28 yrs and train them hard ,hii mambo ya fossils kubadilisha age zao ndo zinaangusha team

Think people are being a tad harsh on Wanyama.
People expected him to be creative in the mid but that’s not his role and even at his club he is a defensive mid who sees very little of the ball plus how is he supposed to to shine when surrounded by average to mediocre players.
Hata Messi most times looks ordinary akichezea argentina.

At the risk of offending the half-a-male squad, I daresay that the Japanese women’s team would give the Haram betas a hard time. Any squad that depends on others losing does not need to remain in Cairo.

The japanese female team would crush us if we ever meet them on a football field.

Matasi on the other hand deserves all the praise heaped on him

wacha japan, the best womens team usa would be well beaten by kenya under 17’s, the dynamism, energy and just the physicality would be too much for the ladies.


Itakuwa game moja tight sana what happens if they all draw?

You are clueless. The USA women have multiple Olympic and World Cup victories, which cannot be said of their overpaid men or the lost Harambee tarts.

[SIZE=7][B]The US women’s team moves on to the World Cup semifinal. Here’s why American women are so good at soccer.[/B][/SIZE]

Nyanza Stars warudi Nyumbani tu haina haja ya aibu ndogo ndogo.

Be better bro

i dont know but if we could have not played a defensive game we could have given our opponents a bit of a challenge. possession of 30-70 is usually at best when the team is at least ahead on the score sheet. we seemed to give Senegal a hurdle during our attacks and we could have tried doing so during first half.

You cannot soar like an eagle when you are surounded by ducks…