Two prisoners escape with warden's gun in Migori


Police in Migori county have launched a manhunt for two prisoners who assaulted a warden and escaped with his gun on Thursday.

The two prisoners, working at Lichota farm on the outskirts of Migori town, beat up the warden guarding them, before taking his rifle and escaping into a nearby sugarcane plantation.

Migori prison commander Barnabas Kinyor and Migori county police commandant David Kirui confirmed the incident on Friday.

One suspect was serving a three-year jail term for theft and the other eight month.

“The two prisoners were convicted recently, one for stealing a motorbike and the other for stealing a cow,” Kinyor said.

Kirui said police are searching for the suspects who are likely to have crossed the border to Tanzania.

“I kindly ask the members of the public to be on the look out for the suspects who are armed and dangerous,” Kirui said.

Kirui expressed fears that the stolen gun may be used to commit crimes in the area.

Errr, why the hell would one break out of prison when they’re only serving an 8 month sentence???

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And which one had the bigger sentence, the cattle thief or the boda thief and for what reason? What is the value of a cow and a nduthi and do they compare to the sentences?

Lakini why would they take the prisoners to such a far place to work? Lichota farm and migori prison are kinda of worlds apart


freedom is priceless


Hehe nigga moment + nigga synthesis = complete disaster.

True, but a logical person would wait for an 8 month sentence to end. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he’d already served half of it. These are the kind of thugs I wouldn’t want to encounter, they’re the kind that would kill you because “ananiangalia na madharau.”

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and common sense is not very common…

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Lala jela wiki moja utajua.

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the reason i respect others’ property and run very fast from external aggression. i am proud sijawahi lala cell…

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Still doesn’t make sense, logically speaking. I guess it’s the wearer of the shoe that knows where it pinches.

who remembers that Prison break line…Escape is just the beggining

Those guys are just idiots. Now every one will be hunting them.

prisoners who serve short sentences face a hard life in prison. Even other prisoners mistreat u. hawa ndio ulala kwa choo and given worst treatment. E.g in this case they were being punished with hard labor which is supposed to be given to hard core prisoners who have commited serious crimes…But this hard core criminals control prison life in prison…they are the ones given the job of a CHARGE . Being a Charge is like being a school prefect in yr Cell. You have authority to designate sleeping conditions of every prisoner . When a prison warder needs guys to do hard labour he gives u as charge to power to select prisoners do do manual work. U as a charge will choose newbies serving short sentences. Na wasee wakitoka kazi ya nje watapata nyi mlikuwa tuu mmeota jua the whole day and they arrive when its lock time… chakula mlishakula top layer mnawachia the now hungry nebies with little to eat…yep life in prison is hard for short sentences niggaz

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experience nini? sounds plausible I have only spent a night at the parliament police station

Ehhh dude Kenya sio USA…kuna murder prisoners walihepa Kamiti or was it Naivasha like 2 or 3 months ago…hawajawai patikana and we forgot about them ata kama picha zao ziliwekwa magazetini.Am sure the kamiti guys will pass any body in the streets even police offiers and nobody will remember them. we kenyans forget so quickly na hio ndio shida yetu


sio experience ni jus words on the street… ati parliament polie stn…kijana ulikuwa hilton of police stns

kenya ukitoroka prison chances of being caught are almost nil

Kwanza ukipelekwa industrial area ni mbaya sana. Overcrowding, bad food etc.