Two Obituaries

Guys have you noted that there are two obituaries (same size) for one Late Philip Gichuri Waiganjo.(Sunday Nation Page 45, somebody please help with screen shots)
On close scrutiny, one obituaries mention the current wife, while another one doesn’t(it only mentions his late first wife). Strangely just one of the first wife’s five children is alive. One advert also fails to mention his youngest youngest son.
Burial services were held in two different venues yesterday.o_O
This is where titanic court battles for the Late guy’s property begin…

wapi mbisha boss!!!

I noticed that yesterday, what caught my attention is the two photos are the same but taken from different angles.

Boss it seems your favourite pastime activity is reading obituaries.

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[ATTACH=full]2715[/ATTACH] My camela sio mzuri vile please bear

Yea…to see if you are there…:smiley:




I saw that too nikasema…,wacha zitoke na wenyewe,ma boma ni moshi. I feel for any rich guy who looses his first wife esp juu huyo ndio mnatafuta naye mali…only to marry a second one that torments you to the grave and may even make your own kids with the first wife disappear in mysterious circumstances na jina yako ipotelee hivyo. No wonder I hate to keep a clande. Mimi ni msee wa ma poko. Beer mbili nakutomba na ninakulipa…foolstop.


wawawawa…ile vita itakuwa hapa…wacha tu

Hapo sasa ndio mabibi huanza kutwangana because of his property, why dont most men with extended families leave a will to avoid hizi shida

Its also in Today’s paper page 60. Still no mention of the current wife and the kid.
This guy truly hates the step-mom.

…enyewe hapa ni lawyers watakulia…how come all his children with the first wife are dead?


All except a Mr. John Waiganjo Gichuri…who naturally is having this bitter rivalry with the current wifey,Margaret Wambui who has one son with the Late. (marvin Chuchu)

Another Kirima family saga in the making.

A will can, too, can be contested. Ama uweke ‘kill-switch’ kama the late Karúme - you contest, you lose.

I dont support the poko thing …but umeongea kama wanaume kumi :slight_smile: only an unwise man after toiling so hard with the first wife, marries a young wife
gets a 2 yr old and when he passes on …the second wife , wants half his wealth since HEY!! she also has a child… n was the gachungwa

While the 3 0r 4 children from the first marriage have to engage in court battles , and they know wat their parents went through in getting the wealth.
But trust men when they reach mid life crisis n can only think with their d*** (No offence )

This case may be different thou…

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…battle of supremacy…
add me popcons pliss

According to Kikuyu naming culture the son with the second wife most likely not his unless he fathered when already married and he was named after the woman family.[ATTACH=full]2723[/ATTACH]