Two Hornbills in a Bus.

Let me share the torture I went through last night on my way home from the office. I have always been against people speaking in loud voices when picking calls, especially in public transport, until I met these two ladies yesterday. Munasema @GeorginaMakena hawa walishinda.

It was just a normal day in the office. In the evening I took my walk and boarded my usual Kenya Mpya. The lady in front of me on the queue had a tablet which I suppose was her phone too. She looked decent and I was planning to sit next to her and hear her story of the day.

Inside the bus, she sat next to the window, so my only option was to sit next to her in the middle of a three sitter, but something told me (that inner voice) to seat a row in front and avoid her, she might think I was stalking her. The journey started, the bus jacked off showing symptoms of failing before we reach our destination. My hopes were high, we did reach safely.

It started with this lady on the queue receiving a phone call in the bus, she was the only person speaking. When she spoke, I was sure that the driver heard her, because I saw the conductor looking and searching for the hornbill. The conversation was too loud, I was forced to listen and that’s where I discovered that she had hooked up with her cousin, another hornbill. That makes them two, seated behind me.

She called her mother to notify her of their meeting at the bus station and one helping the other cut the queue. The cousin talked with the mother and after the call they had a laugh that was very irritating. She even ordered a Kgas for her mother in a similar manner and this time she was even louder. I could see other passengers looking behind and laughing.

Deep inside I was irritated, burning and wishing that I had not left my headphones at home. I believe that I had met a woman who was totally opposite what I liked, wale unaona unajipea shughuli. This made me think about men who get married without first putting their potentials in various tests- haswa hii ya umbea.

When I thought that the drama was over, they stated a conversation. This time everyone in the bus was quiet and I bet some were sleeping. The only person who they were competing with was a lady behind them who was probably taking an order of “mbosho.”

They talked about a guy who had more money but could not find love, the boyfriend to the first hornbill who was also in the Kenya air force. This part was hilarious, she said, “Anaweza funga macho na afikirie kitu yoyote na atabuy,” man hizi umbea za Thika road ni exaggerated. All along she was exposing the history of his boyfriend and another guy who worked in PrimeBank in public.

This time as they were talking I was thinking of ways I could distract myself because hii umeffi ilikuwa too much. I almost stood up and slapped each one of them na niwashone mdomo. I could hear other passengers clicking cause they were talking like golddiggers and ratchets.

The two ladies on my side were ashamed and embarrassed. One of the hornbills approached the lady seated next to me and said that she knew her from somewhere, but the lady refused to be associated with her. I laughed deep inside, Ata mimi singekubali umeffi. Jana nililazimishwa umbea kutoka Nairobi hadi K-road. Thank God Ktalk rescued me, so I zoned out. The respect for senior villagers has now diminished in our society.

[SIZE=4]Do these type of ladies exist in life? I am also wondering, what is the etiquette of taking calls or talking in public transport? Enlighten Me Please![/SIZE]

So hukurusha lugha!

So hukuitisha number?

There are people you sit next to in a matatu for just 1 hr and you know everything about their life. Sometimes I enjoy just observing people and listening to the conversation around me.

Mimi hupenda kusafisha macho kwa jam nikiwa kwa bus naona lady drivers vile wameinua nguo na kupanua miguu

Last Tuesday of September I was in a matatu and just in front of me a lady and a man were sited just opposite one another and after the Matatu took off, the man (in his 50s) began conversation with the lady (mid 30s). It was formal at the beginning but after one hour, the tones changed and became low, the man leaned over to the lady while they conversed. Soon, they were exchanging phone numbers! and they were total strangers!!

You’ll die lonely

Am not alone Adeudeu!

Kaka blaza, people will always do what they want when they want. Furthermore, There’s no law against kuongea viloud kwa basi.

Do yourself a favour and control your responses to these situations simply because they do not fit your ideal image of how the world should be. Utaishi maisha happy sana. You’ll even come to enjoy them badala ya kufika point ya kutaka kuslap mtu ata hujui kwa bus. Nigga wtf.

Lakini pia kuslap watu ni option.

the words Alone and Lonely are worlds apart.


I rephrase, am not lonely, so many friends, men and ladies, and mostly ladies, am surrounded by the beauty.

I repeat, Alone and Lonely are worlds apart.

I give up!

Hivo ndio kunaendanga!

I knew u were a catholic priest.


Sometimes I think people just do that shit to either entertain or piss off the passengers on purpose

ungeita @Adeudeu to release toxic gases to force an emergency evacuation

That is how some people met and are happily married now. What i ask myself is do these couples fear that their spouses will meet other people in matatus and do as they did?

Still better than watu wa dawa za nguvu za kiume

Habari ya Kenyatta Road? I never lack earphones, I have gotten several lays from PSVs.
Wait until you board a night vehicle full of kamba students from Kibabii university, it had one particular rarity a squint eyes with a bass, the young man said a hundred ‘zii’ seems he had recently added it to his diction. He spoke continuously for the 5 hours we were on the road.