Twitter scores its own goal

Ha ha ha! I thought they were the kings of censorship

Ruto mwizi hatakuwa na ii uwezo:D
Gatheca na jaruo sugu wataFira yeye

museveni block hao takataka and close their offices.

The only people allowed to block others are american tech elites. When others do it its against human rights. These ppl are the biggest hypocrites.

Governments saw what Twitter can do … so they will face their own medicine in most countries

These tech companies are a front of the CIA/State Dept. They are used to foment chaos/coups all over the world. That is why independent countries like China have banned them.
It is about that time that the internet splinters into national/regional networks.

I will let the pro censorship twitter and facebook fanboys and girls have a go at this one. If they can, that is.

Juu ya hiyo maneno am deleting my twitter chieth.

That’s rich of them

They should close Arab Mwizi’s account too, because of his affinity to people’s land.

ahahaha , hawa ghaseer hutuonyesha mambo

Reminder: Private companies do not owe you a platform.
Governments on the other hand have no right to interfere with their citizen’s right to free speech.


But when different companies combine to censor people who have different opinions from the tech oligarchy it becomes a monopoly which is dangerous to society. Here most govts would intervene.

I don’t get your argument. Are you saying that there are instances where private companies are obligated to give you a platform? If yes, which instances are these?

Just because a company offers your a platform doesn’t mean they can do anything they want.
Some american senators themselves wanted to breakup big tech because they saw the danger they pose.
Maybe this article will give you a clearer view.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorses Elizabeth Warren’s Big Tech breakup plan - The Verge

You are evading my question. The article you posted does not even mention censorship. Neither does it say that companies are obligated to offer anyone a platform.

That article is about antitrust which involves price manipulation. So which prices have twitter manipulated?

Antitrust encompasses a wide variety of things not just price manipulations.

So if twitter decides to sell its user’s data will that be accepted by its users who use its platform?

You are now shifting goal posts. Wasn’t this thread about the alleged censorship on twitter?

Kama ukona bundles listen to what Australian lawmakers have to say about big tech censorship. They are already planning legislations.