Twitter Kumenyamasa And People Are Happy About It

Tangu kale ka parrot kaingiswo netii
just asking which villager is missing???


Was Itumbi arrested, ama ilikuwa porojo.


Nikitusio hivyo na retire handle.

Niaje afande ulipotea wapi?

niaje njegee…nikomboleshee ndeng’a niingie shift leo…kesho ntakujenga zako za macho

Kutafuta quantity and quality ugali Omwami.

:D:D:D Kuria saying that “Orangutan” is dholuo proves Miguna’s point.

Kuria said “Orangutang” is dholuo, because it’s not an English word.

:D:D:D MK hana breki…

Safi sana omwami…


Ati i

Ati ihiana nugu ina mweri.(a monkey on periods)

That’s a KO round 1:D
Uzuri neither of the two amejua vile ametusiwa

:D:D:D:D:D, Jesus Christ ati nugu Ina ke?

Orang Utan is not English but Malay.

Alifikiri Orangotang ni kijaluo because it starts with O.

Abxolutely hilarious!!!

I’ll never forget that takedown Kuria gave to Millie when they fought in Parliament: “I take Ministry of Health warnings very seriously and can’t touch her even with a long pole”.

Kuria is an a total jackass…


MK must be a serious smoker of fangi.

Miguna really came up with the best description of the Buffoon Kuria. And the Orangutan did not disappoint, he could not resist to open up his mouth and prove Miguna’s point. Kuria has exactly the same mental capacity of an illiterate bully in high school still working on his alphabet.