Twigs Foods (investment)

Wadau/Billionaire in the village is this a viable investment? Having seen kina kune foods n others come down I feels like Twiga is alittle too over ambitious.bollore too used to lease 3rd party fleet then after a while they couldn’t pay the owners .[ATTACH=full]470042[/ATTACH]

Very bright fellow.
He is avoiding a major cost and all the risks it carries: The cost of transport.

Any arrangement involving NCBA bank avoid if you can

Naona uko na akili wamapalito… He’s pushing the logistics cost to the investors yeye ni kumumunya profits tu. Hio biashara ikianguka kesho utabaki wewe na bank

These are tricks to nab new investors. Think about it this way; there are so many people with fully-owned vehicles who would be looking for such contracts. But most likely they cannot agree to the terms because there is a catch somewhere. New investors will most likely be oblivious to such dangers due to their lack of experience. For the bank to hand you such an asset with a 10% down payment, they have to have your both balls in their hands.

wewe ni mgeni Nairobi, kama huheshimu sweat yako enda invest io 10% ukuwe financed upeleke lorry twiga uenjoy profits miaka sita. Usijiulize kwa nini deal poa ivo wanapea members wa public, kwani workers wa twiga na ncba hawawezi afford io 10% wakuwe financed wakule izo profits wao wenyewe?

True then you imagine eti they want like 200 trucks . Then what they pay will it even cover the cost of the lorry. Then what they are implying is that for you to get the lorry you must buy a new one or is the deal open to those who own already own ? Hapa ni con game Tu .

Very Good analysis issa con game

Why ?

Unlike most kenyan banks that shaft you with lube…they shaft you without and have very many hidden charges and i dont give a fuck attitude to boot

They have been doing it even with old trucks.
And they pay well coz kitambo they used to pay 4 bob per KM.
Mafuta ni yao, dereva ni wako.

4 bob or 40bob???

What’s the difference between this, and buy a farm, we will put up a green house for you, farm for you, sell for you and give you the money?

Nikiona NCBA mahali huwa natoroka mbio



What’s the catch? Sema kama unajua nitty gritties.

NCBA doesn’t just come to assist you out of the goodness of the heart. Their goal ni ushindwe kulipa loan wachukue kampuni yako.

They identify company they want and offer to help. When the company refuses the help, they send KRA to do their dirty job.

My bad.