Twerking: Diamond's Nasema Nawe Video

Had to watch and DL this in full HD…kusafisha tu macho


Nice to see Diamond going back to his roots! Love Taarab and i am a big fan of his!

Nimeicheki sahi…smh

yeah this is not your type… imejaa wanawake btw of which are not your taste

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I am a Diamond fanatic because i love poetry (sanaa) and he is a lyrical gangster as far as im concerned. Half a million hits on youtube in 5 days! (Nough said!) You have to hand it to this guy for introducing the world to Swahi as a language and the music and now he goes and takes taarab international!!!
Big up Diamond.
Huyu jamaa is the best thing that happened to East African music EVER! and he is only in his twenties!
Cant stop listening to the lyrics in this song,he makes it sound too easy…what a talent.
Anybody that speaks Swahili should be proud,i have friends from all over Africa asking me for translations everytime they hear Diamond and i love it!!

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HATE is a very strong word,choose “dont like” next time. Hate eats you up and kills you slowly.Dont Hate; its the worst of all emotions because it consumes you from within.
Someone on KList once said that Hating is like taking Rat poison and expecting the person you hate to die!
Ni hayo tu kaka yangu.
Anyway,Diamond has achieved more on the last 3 years internationally than any other Swahili speaking musician has EVER done.You can hate him or Love him but you cant take that away from him and the key to his success is the emotion and honesty in his music (just like Lingala music) but for Swahili speakers;its the flow in the lyrics and the wisdom behind it that gets to any true and proud linguist.

Kaka hapo umenena ,everynit be4 i sleep ,i have to listen to (Kizaizai ba diamond)…also luv Ali kiba’s songs, that swahili flow hunipeleka far.

Diamond ni msanii kweli ukiskiza lyrics zake u understand why women go nuts for him…i still listen to “kamwambie” its pure art and he makes swahili so romantic…kwanza natafuta manzi wa coast au tz.

Hata kama if something is good its good…you have to recognise this guys talent.

What does this diamond do???

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Ignorance is an art or science?

Hiyo split kwa mchanga, isn’t it a health hazard?


Its an art. We’ve perfected it

Had not seen this,


Just great…love the twerking part…matako inavibrate accordingly

So now u r into sheep?..Isorait.

naeza taka kupatana na haga ka hizo …waaagwan

Haki ya nani! That twerking is epic!