Twende Room? (Ssn 1)

Life goes by so fast,I remember back when we had just got to form four,We had grown a little bit of beards and it was second term.I remember it like it was yesterday.Supper was over and the four of us sat at the table eating Ugali /Kijeshijeshi( what we called skuma in highschool)

“Bro hii food haileti shangwe"croacked Sam.He ussually had a high affinity for” top layer " skuma.You know,the one that comes at the top of the Sufuria with all the excess cooking fat.
“Tulia” replied vicky calmly." Leo tunapita ‘mandazini’,Utakula nyama aina Mbili" .We all looked at each other and swiftly cleared out plates.I never spoke a word till Sam asked ,“Anko,Leo kwanini umeingizia ivi” .

“Tulia bro si Unajua Pamela atakua Leo” ,I answered. He just looked at my sorry face and said.“Huyo dame alikuekea Nini kwa food”.All of a sudden the Teacher on duty showed up and started harrasing everyone on site ,Prep time watu wangu.

So as usual the Canteen was at the Peripheral part of the school,a raised area so that any infidel who goes to steal can be seen from a distant.Behind it was “mandazini”.A holy grail shortcut outside the school,a panya route,a sneakoutarea very few truants at my school knew.
the route was famous and named because of a fool who stole from the canteen and ate the loot…only to be ambushed when he consumed a crate of mandazis and 7 sodas…
the Perpetrator then decided to run,but unfortunately he was too full and he panted a few steps into the route and fainted like a pregnant frog.and that’s how Mandazini was born,But that’s a story for another day.
Dusk was fast approaching and the three of us stealthily proceeded with our plan,It was carefully crafted…Vik started,followed by me,carrying the home clothes with me.Later on Sam joined us at the fence.
" Mnasweat Nini" Sam said calmly when he arrived.
“Shut up and change Sam,you can do heroics later” Vicky added.
we stashed our shirts and ties on the fence and we proceeded on our way.

It was 8 pm at night and the more steps we took into the impending darkness,the less fearfully we became.


Tuliland kwa venue.The smell of crackling firewood placed on the fire.A thumping reggae was combing the night,and the mourners slowly danced to the tune…
…one man can’t satisfy her…she need more…
Im no reggae fan,but the coincidence was timely.Kidogo kidogo ,I spot my Beautiful Pam.Her yams brightly illuminated by the furnace,and dark shadows beneath her top,caressed by the shadows of the night.She was serving some guests busaa.

her body,was magnificen…
" bro stop daydreaming and approach that madam,she doesn’t hear sign language " ,joked Vicky…He already had a cup of busaa.He was always fast for everyone.I shrugged him off and wandered off to some guys chomaring mbuzi.
I hadn’t seen fried meat since opening day.So this was perfect timing.I picked a piece and took a bite,it just tasted as sweet as life and freedom from all the books.

someone tapped my shoulder
“Sasa unafanya Nini huku!” ,Pamela seemed shocked.

I gently pulled her to the side and told her It was Vicks Idea to come to the funeral preparations.And of course the golden lie that I missed her and loved her.
She eased down and started asking foolish questions where I got that nice jumper.I told her it’s top secret ,If I tell her we’d be caught.

So after a few minutes Vicky was already drunk and dancing to Richie spice music like a posessed man.I could see a few onlookers wondering which part of the family he came from.I understood him,Highschool was pressure as usual.
For a while Pam hanging on my arm and random drinks at our disposal where we sat made the night beautiful.Her random smiles and calm banter made my night whole.who new a town kid like me would be Mesmerized by a village girl…
“Buuuda,Si kumeshika!!!” Shouted Sam,He was drunk and couldn’t keep his hands off my plate…

“Mmmh,mnakula tu nyama uku …! Eeeh! Sawa tu general ata huezi tuita sawa general…he scampered of with two pieces.
Pamela looked at him smiling…” This friend of yours!" ,She remarked." Hua hatosheki na pombe!I remember him tukiwa Kakamega drama festivals"

I just smiled.

Sams parent had just divorced.He was just venting.I looked on into the night,the revellers,Pam,the dj at the PA system changing music like we change books during lessons.This girl was just 16 ,and I was 17 in my final year in highschool.Making bad choices.

“Twende room?” Asked Pam.

I was first shocked by the question,then I calmly replied." Twende ,ata it’s cold sana apa nje." She pulled my arm and slowly we dissapered into a thatched mud hat.

The house was dimly lit with a koroboi
Newspapers used creatively to form a mosaic on the walls.The craftsmanship.The sooty smoke rose up to the thatched ceiling forming a cloud of soot.
I slowly sat at the bed.No other visible Furniture in the room.
We pounced on each other kissing,passion ensuing, ripped clothes of each other.Her body was smooth ,her ebony skin tender to my touch,and for every touch on her yam like boobs she moaned and bit her tongue.

“Take me” she whispered into my ear “have me”.
I mounted her and made love to her body to the rhythm of the music of the night.

I heard a loud knock on the door.
I sharply opened my eyes , recollecting where I was.I looked outside And I saw the morning sun.I jumped off the bed put my clothes on in a hurry, shoes,watch.Pamela came in with tea…

“Kwani hamko halfterm?” she asked. I didn’t answer I hugged her and ran off.

The burial grounds empty,no Sam no Vicky…
They abandoned me…!


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Ngojea 2 natoa kesho…bad mistakes have good lessons.
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