Tweet like Passaris.

Oh boy, the comments are to die for.
Kenyans can be ruthless.

Mwalimu Njoroge says:

[FONT=georgia]My grammar teacher:
“Nut screws washers and bolts” is not the same as
“Nut, screws, washers and bolts.”
But tumeelewa mheshimiwa[/FONT]


TATA ikuje.

Passaris just missed a comma. Nothing to see here.

The comments are lit.
Whether they understood her tweet is another thing.

Ati host in Zimbabwe ,kweli mwanamke Ni jikoni na kupanua miguu huko bedroom, shenzyyyyyy!!!

You do have serious misogynistic issues. What do you tell the woman who bore you and those you call your sisters?

I told her some serious political advise akaniblock via those stupit influencers she pays, akina glad she isn’t re electable having ignored my facts.mbwa yeye

Passaris has set her sights to be the next Nairobi Governor and has decided good girls good girls get nothing.
All this notoriety you are currently seeing is part of a well orchestrated game plan to keep her visible.

But she is a bimbo for sure

If a woman is wrong ,I call her out on her wrong answer/ behavior,the host wa CAF Ni Egypt not Zimbabwe ,did you read her tweet my fren? Hii jina misogynist jua maana yake and support it with FACTS not emotions

The Tweet has been misinterpreted because of a missing comma, and even those exploiting that error admit it as they enjoy the gaffe.

You are the only arsehole whose comment declares ALL women fuck-machines because of Passaris’ error.

kweli mwanamke Ni jikoni na kupanua miguu huko bedroom, shenzyyyyyy!!!

We know that Passaris has never cooked for you or parted her legs to let you in. My question is: would you tell your mother or sister this because of a grammatical error?

You cannot even punctuate any better that Passaris and want to tell me what a misogynist is? Look it up.

Can you read the tweet for yourself,she said the host is Zimbabwe ,which is a lie,the host is Egypt, learn to take criticism positively and not stop childish tantrums when told to change your behaviour/ modus operandi


@Nattydread, a single comma or even two in that tweet won’t make it correct. Kwani unatomba huyo mama. Mbona unacatch feelings?

Na kweli tunashida. Baboons with absolutely no IQ. Passaris tweet is TOTALLY CORRECT. No commas are missing. Unferkingbelievable that anybody can’t see that…

Wewe mzee, mbona umeamka na matusi ama ni hangover? meffi. So the tweet is correct but wrong at the same time? Because obviously Zimbabwe is not hosting the AFCON.

Muthuri mugathe ,vaa miwani and read that tweet again.

Has she said that you silly baboon? She was asked a question, which team she supported. She said Zim coz the home team Egypt has home advantage. If you cant see that you are just a low IQ nugu…

Refer to yhe above.

Kweli wewe ni ghaseer tu, where in that tweet has she written EGYPT ? Wewe ngoja utumiwe mpesa ya Balozi. Such a low life.