Niaje wasee, nadai kubuy hii nduthi, kuna mtu anajua bei poa na place poa naweza pata?


kama hii ama

Nunua kawasaki au honda kama unataka kitu ya ku last.

Hiyo sofa inaumia sana

I know this lady. . .my pal had nick named her Monique. Why post her here?

Wacha nijikate … Naona hapa kakinuka saa huu …

uko na pesa ngapi?? umetafita jumia ama OLX?

Not the best of bikes, actually one of the most outrageous deceptions in the bike world. Do not be deceived by the styling, all Indian bikes have serious flaws. With Apache, you will have to contend with vibrations from speeds as low as 60 km/h. The rear braking is so poor you may need to carry your hospital insurance card every time you venture out.
Shop around for a second hand Japanese bike and you will enjoy the experience for years.

Or if you know a way to import a bike from India, get the KTM duke series. This apache is a con.

Azandeni sana, nimeona Honda ndio fiti

Someone who’s into bikes aliniambia you can get good deals ukienda busia huko kwa border… Just something you could check out…