tv wars continue

Local media stations licence has been revoked.wazi sana, sasa wanapigia wakenya kelele wasaidiwe and yet they are foremost in broadcasting biased content and being used as tools for politicians.they love branding activists as disidents, how they wish the activists were fighting for them now.fuck them.

Waiting for their set top boxes. Did I hear that their boxes will have internet connectivity as well as WiFi?

Yeah heard that too.but that seems largely impossible.

If true then i welcome that.watakuwa wamechapa gotv na startimes 10 nil.

Very possible.

Nyumba yangu tv itakuwa ya xbox

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Ati. WIFI o_O

Enyewe hapo wanatudanganya, hio box moja haiwezi kuwa ni receiver na bado iko na internet

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