Tv reporter quits tv to advocate for Bhang!!!

No good thing can come
from quitting your job on
live TV and pledging your
support for the legalization
of marijuana. A reporter
for Alaska’s KTVA news,
Charlene Egbe, shocked
viewers on Sunday when
she announced her
“I — the actual owner of
the Alaska Cannabis Club —
will be dedicating all of my
energy toward fighting for
freedom and fairness, which
begins with legalizing
marijuana here in Alaska.
And as for this job, well, not
that I have a choice but…
f*** it, I quit,” she said.
The station went on Twitter
to apologize and announce
Egbe’s dismissal
Viewers, we sincerely
apologize for the
inappropriate language
used by a KTVA reporter on
the air tonight. The
employee has been