Tv for home entertainment..

Am looking to replace my samsung 24 inch with a 32 inch tv.I have been looking around olx comparing prices and have come up with a tentative list of the four sets below that i want you good people to help me make an informed decision thanks my parameters are;

  1. Not exceed kshs 30000
  2. Full hd with atleast 2hdmi inputs
  3. Dvb t2 a must Dvb s2 not necessary

Any thoughts…
sworn affidavit ntaleta baadaye

32 inch imekua 14 inch za kitambo. do a 40inch

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Run away from olx. try jumia or other cheaper online shops.

Vile anasema, bought it when ilikua ya masource lakini Now inakaa 14".save some more hakuna haraka.

Get a smart TV it will be very useful in the future…

Depends on the size of your house. If you have a 40inch two metres infront of you you will have blurrred images even if the native screen resolution is high and you will aslo get poor viewing angles. This is primarily because most videos that are broadcast over terrestrial and satelight tv signals are compressed(including live tv programs). Even most movies you will get from friends and from local shop here are compressed. Only original DVDs arent compressed, and an original 1hr 30min movie is about 4.4GB and not 730mb. Secondly, large television sets have images that are heavily pixelated since you are expected to view at a distance. TVs with large screens and high resolution(above 110ppi) are expensive. Tv screen size is dictated by the size of your house(distance between you and the screen) and not the depth of your pocket as many people presume. So shop wisely or you will have a tv looking like a billboard in your house.

I love sony


Why don’t you go to Luthuli and window shop…you can get a SONY digital TV at 29,000 k …but be cautious u can buy frm a mhindi…si mkikuyu

Don’t let the URL mislead you. There’s lotsa useful info there, before you fork out the cash.

24-32 wont make much sense.
Ul feel like uv wasted money n filling the hse wt small TVs.
get a 40" n above.
i hv a 32 n it now feels tiny.

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First of all Full HD on a 32inch tv is pointless unless that tv will be like 10ft from you to really appreciate the resolution, so just find something that is HD-ready instead. Secondly, while HDMI ports are important, you need something with a USB port and can support multiple file formats. That way, you can watch your stuff at a very good resolution.
If you can find them, look for Hisense brand tv. Its a brand name and they make really good tv. Although the only place Ive seen them is at e-zone at TRM and those guys have some stupid prices sometimes.

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shed more light…

Ongeza a couple thousands ununue 40’'.

olx is mostly for used items, then the possibility of cons there is higher than any other online shop in kenya

What about luthuli?

My sitting room aint that huge so from the couch to the set is less that 3mtrs …Fuck trm their electronics are way overpriced

Bought my tv from Luthuli …from a mhindi who we had previous transactions with,
u can window shop to see the prices b4 buying first.

Bt chunga hao wakikuyu

Thanks purr

You dont need more than a 32" for that unless you are moving to a bigger place. In fact, I think a 32" is large for that space.

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This is what I used to do: whenever i need to buy some of these electronics, I’d go have a good look at them at Nakumatt Lifestyle, hustle the attendants there and get to see the full features of what I wanted and, most importantly, get the model number.

Armed with that, I’d then comfortably walk to Luthuli and ask for that specific model, have it tested, pay and go home with it.

If you’re able to get some of these details online, the better. Websites ni mob especially for the major brands e.g for samsung, for LG, for Sony, for assorted ones, etc.

As for olx, I’ve bought a few items from there and some of my friends have too without a problem.:slight_smile:

oook got the point