I have seen lots of reviews on TVs and Android Boxes.

I intend to purchase a non-smart TV, if they still exist and get a good Android box. So, my main issues are;

Do non smart TVs exist, especially with large good displays…say 50’’
Which android box works best…i have seen good reviews on H96

I’ve heard good things about the Xiaomi Mi Box S

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Sure, but their box is 2gb RAM 8GB MEM…the H96 is 4GB/32GB,only that sina local reviews

I’ve been looking for a non-smart large screen lakini ni kama hakuna ukianza 49" ni ‘smart 4k’

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The mi TV box is by far one of the best boxes available, because it is uses officially certified android TV os, which has so many convenient features. On the other hand, the h96 mini is good, but, its good specs notwithstanding, it is only so when and if it is compared with the other garbage on it’s league.

I would suggest that you buy a smart TV and also an android TV box as well, if your budget allows you. Smart TVs usually have some useful features that are definitely absent in dumb TVs. Eg screen mirroring.

About android TV box, I strongly suggest that one buys the Safaricom Mega Internet and TV box, because it is 3 things in one, namely, dvb-t2 decoder, certified android TV box, and a powerful WiFi hot-spot! Very few TV boxes in Kenya have those attributes!

Chukua Android TV end of story. It comes with latest tech and Android box is much behind android tv now that it comes with inbuilt chromecast.

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Just buy a smart TV with modern features and use a streaming device of your choice. Smart TVs, especially non-android ones can be supplemented with an Android box for more features and functionality. However, if you want to be a serious gamer on TV, consider Nvidia shield.

Mi Box S doesn’t have DV or Atmos, just HDR10, but if your TV panel doesn’t support that, you are good.

Heed this very good advice @Mchuna skuma.
Android TV boxes are soon becoming extinct thanks to Android Tvs.

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@Nyamgondho can help you out here

Hii ni kama kusema unataka kunua gari bila tires utajiekea zako. In the past non-smart TV were easily available lakini for now the best quality TVs will give a smart UI coz that’s what the best brands do. Lakini you can still buy a mi box S, firestick or Nvidia Shield if you want flexibility

The Nvidia Shield is off the charts, had not heard of it before. Would be a nice upgrade from Mi Box S.

Digital tvs bado ziko mingi mpya. Africa is dumping ground you know. Lazima tumalize stock ya majuu

I know this thread is a bit dated, but I thought I’d chime in just in case you’re still in the market for some info. First off, yes, non-smart TVs do still exist, and you can definitely find them with large, high-quality displays upwards of 50’'. They’re a bit less common than smart TVs these days, but they’re out there!
Since we’re on the topic of streaming, if you’re interested in a seamless streaming experience, you might want to learn how to get So Player on Firestick. It’s a fantastic option for reliable, high-quality streaming, and it works great on Android boxes too.

Wacha ujinga wachana na boxes ununue smart TV. They are quite cheap and come with a lot of latest stuff

Mi box s 2nd gen ni mabo bad angalia spec and make an informed decision

The Nvidia Shield 2019 is the Ultimate Android Box, especially if you are into Audiovisual. I have had one for a while now. FYI I also have the Safaricom Big Box which is just gathering dust…

I’ve had the safcom box for several years and it’s perfect for current needs ie playing music and movies from flash and a little youtube now and then.
Wouldn’t recommend it currently though, I only got it cos I have an analogue TV and needed an external set top box. I think the mi box is the best solution for majority of people unless one is one of those enthusiasts who are into atmos and whatnot. How is the shield better than the mi box? The price differential is quite significant

This is why it is better than all.

That’s why i qualified my statement as below. FYI I always view purchase of the Safaricom Big Box as a mistake. This has nothing to do with the adequacy or lack thereof of the device. Just that in the end my needs were served by a different device hence sort of making purchase of the Big Box a waste…

For most people they can be adequately served even with by the Cheaper Streaming Boxes.

you will be surprised, they lie in the specs

I have used mi box several years ,its not bad but for the last one month i switched to X96 Max Plus Ultra TV Box Android and its much more better,interms of clarity,and the ability to multi you can open youtube whilst spotify is streaming without Spotify having to go you reduce youtube volumes and spotify in the background ,noma sana

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