One of the top signings in this political game for DP William Ruto is Johanna Ngeno.
The guy seems to be a good attack dog and good in grassroots politics.
& now he’s holding nothing back, mbaya mbaya Gatundu tutapeleka wewe by force by fire, Kamwana afikiwe na message


No publicity is bad publicity…

Your headlines are always misleading, why ?

Hii mujamaa ni khasia sana na hizi headlines zake. ION Gatheca anamaliza atamu yake ya uongozi next year aende Gatundu mwenyewe, hawa takataka wasiwe na haraka wangoje time ya uchakusi

These guys from RV are behaving as if Ruto has already bagged the Presidency, what they don’t know is that , their behavior is opening a window as to how they’ll behave once they get power.
Free advice to them, Uhuru has a constituency, lecturing and insulting him is disrespecting us his followers.
Na bado wanangoja tupatie Ruto kura ?

Hi, how is it misleading?

That man uttered no words like that

Why are people forgetting that bado kuna IEBC, who like the referee and coach, decides who plays and who doesn’t?

It’s not about uttering but reading between the lines, thin veiled jabs & understanding where he uses sarcasm to actually mean it.
Watch from min 3:30

Nowadays i see less of @sani and more of @jaduong …sani mbona ulileta another handle?

Bus ya bondo express baba alingoa steering wheel,now ni ya gatundu ndio watapeleka .

Point us to where he said what you said in your header.

Nope that is not true. This is Digism at it’s best. Click baiting.

Watu marathon wana tupa nyama kwa mouth will spew it as a saying goes

Cc @Finest wine

That’s my gal …

Incase you missed my memo…I am willing to read other manifestos. Unlike you Nasa lot. I am keeping a v keen eye on Martha Karua and Kivutha. You know I am not in it to gain anything personally.
I just want Uhuru the bully to go away next year. Ebu watch these goons at Nyachae’s send off and see how well the elite know each other. A Nyachae son is married to Beth Mugo’s daughter? Nyasae atukujie…

Apo kwa Martha Karua unachoma. That woman stands for nothing kaba Kivutha Ki.hubby

Anything but Jakuon will do for me. Jakuon stands for nothing other than his tumbo. Better Martha anytime anyday.


Why is it that Jakuonists don’t ever campaign for him or try to sell him to us? you spend copius manhours shooting down other candidates. Ama you have nothing going for him worth sharing?
Anyways he once said he is aware that his supporters do not really bother to vote.