Tutalamba matako ya mbemberu Hadi lini?

Kenyans we seem to suffer from esteem issues. Where we want to please everybody from white races. The country has no clear foreign policy. Ni kama everything we are dictated by uncle Sam…
We are ushering a multipolar world. Instead of our government sit down and weigh which side to follow which will benefit the country. KAZI ni kulamba lamba uncle Sam kinyambis. Uncle Sam has nothing to offer apart from preaching LGBTQCHIETH Nonsense. We should adopt a neutral stance.
Recent vote in UN nation resolution against Israel occupation in Palestine. We voted to reject the resolution.

UN Votes On Global Court To Rule On Israeli Occupation

The United Nations General Assembly has approved a resolution seeking an official legal opinion from the International Court of Justice regarding the consequences of Israel’s ongoing occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

Adopted on Friday, the measure was celebrated by Palestinian leaders as a first step toward accountability.
The resolution asks the ICJ to advise on the legal consequences arising from Israel’s ongoing “occupation, settlement and annexation” of the Palestinian territories, “including measures aimed at altering the demographic composition, character and status of the Holy City of Jerusalem, and from its adoption of related discriminatory legislation and measures.” The court should explain how specific Israeli policies and actions “affect the legal status of the occupation” and set out the legal consequences that could result – not just for Israel but for the UN and its members.


There is limited space at the top of the pyramid, and only the strong and mighty can occupy the small number of seats available at the peak

Looks the country that abstained. It’s shows walk prepared for a multipolar world. Sisi Kenya we can’t be pleasing anybody. Kila chokora from Africa wametorokea Kenya. Sio maoga roysambu.

Mwafrika ni mjinga ajabu. We sell our resources to the white man at next to nothing. Africa is being used like the white man’s shamba for resources. And the most stupid thing is that the African leaders are all arsehole yes-men for the albino mzungu, no back-bone at all. They are happy being called good-boys and being patted on the head by the mzungu. Didn’t you see them smiling contentedly while being carried in buses to go bury that white bitch called the queen?

We need to stand up. Kibaki showed them the middle finger na akaenda China. Hii nabii mwitu awache upuzi. The fool with a PHD Is clueless.

When Arror was telling the dynasties off you told him mtu hafai kupinga serikali na zile family tajiri, sasa mnataka Arror apinge wale watu wanacontrol ulimwengu?

That’s why I respect leaders like Kagame and m7 even if their reign are full of controversy they put their nation self interest a priority.Them whites are always triggered wanataka kupapaswo matako kila saa,look at the leaders wale wakona “IDGAF” kind if attitude uone vile nchi inasonga mbele.

What do you think about Tanzania’s position?

Magufuli was a no nonsense kinda person wacha tupee uyo mmama muda tumchambue.

So long as Africa is poor and the leadership is lacking in vision, we shall always be owned and controlled by the white people.

Tanzania ni mang’ombe kama wewe tu

Even on issues that make sense whichever perspective one has, the old african has to seek guidance from western powers. He cannot imagine thinking differently from his colonisers. And then there are other africans busy entrenching their subservience, refusing even to look away from their colonial masters while inheriting their masters’ enemies.

Why not abstain for voting. African should take a neutral side like the conflict in Ukraine. Lakini Sisi na our esteem issues tumekimbilia clout chasing.


Kondoo ziko wapi?

kondoo nao wako zanzibar :D:D

Vipi kuhusu fisi wasio na msimamo? Au kulamba matako ya wazungu ndio raha?

fisi hula akashiba.

Fisi hula akashiba lakini hula kila kitu. Hula hata takataka. Bora kuitwa ngómbe kuliko fisi.

mwambie Msukuma hivyo uwone atakavyo kusuta :D:D