Tutakufinya- Kiambaa youths to Uhuru


These kids like they have tried all kinds of hard core drugs

Peasants thinking they have any say over owners of capital is comical.

Owners is capital or not, now central politicals knows they don’t own the people. Uhuru wanted to create a fiefdom where even politicians seeking to run had to go through him….like that of his brother. Amejua hajui. There was matiba….kibaki…… once your turn is over, you get lost. Nonsense of saying you will tell us where to go apeleke mbali

Unfortunately for Uhuru, they hold a golden ticket- a vote.

Fucking idiots are all lacking a few teeth due to drinking hooch. They think Ruto is a hustler like them. They will know soon enough that Ruto has no time for those unwashed masses. He is not stealing for them.

Truth and sadness of life.

Candidate wako ni nani mdau…ama unangojea directions za Mugathe…

Niko neutral mdau

So saa hii ni turn ya Jambazi sugu kutoka Sugoi lenye miraba minne na misuli tinginya. Anyone who wants to get elected in Mt Kenya has to go through.
What an awesome development

Lies. UDA yes. But through Fair primaries and a non repulsive candidate. As you saw in kikuyu MCA, even a popular UDA cannot make a suspect pedophile an mca. Bet they do better due diligence next time

That this is the scum that wants to take over power. Ongeza Sudi, echesa and other thieves. No way we will let Kenya go to the dogs.

So your candidate has turned into a pedophile overnight after he lost?

Kuna pesa yako wametumia. How is that connected with their democratic rights?

No. I never supported him. Check my posts.

I supported Njama. And I knew he had massive individual appeal… I posted a thread on Njama right from when he emerged as a candidate months ago. When Njama was unveiled as the jubilee candidate, I stated that Njama would win in Kiambaa if Ruto and Kuria fielded 2 candidates.

Come voting day and I was very categorical that thanks to Njama candidacy, jubilee loss would not be as big as would otherwise have been.

in other words mr part time kyuk, this full time Kyuk knows her people. Your desperation for kyuk jumping from extreme boasting of imaginary kyuk support to extreme whining, bitterness and insults to kyuks when evidence prove you wrong will yield you nothing.

Kwani kuna ndugu yako hapo? Unakaa ni kama nimeguza raw nerve

It’s just offensive to me that you would see a group of shabbily dressed peasant youths who can’t afford to wear expensive clothes, who clearly state they have no slept all night, and decide their haggard faces are a a sign of drug abuse. Sio kila mtu huvaa suti na tai. Some work manual labour jobs where a suit and tie make no sense

You validate my earlier sentiments. Whose your brother of them

Kenyans young men, esp central kenya are slowly becoming extrint


Iko shida mahali na ni kubwa