Tuskys Update: Wadau mlisema ukweli

I normally go to a local Tuskys outlet on my way home to buy a few essentials.
Over the last one week, since a thread was created here regarding this Supermarket, I have noticed their stocks have been dwindling at an alarming rate.

Yesterday, the Milk, Sugar and Unga shelves were empty.

Some suppliers wanalilia kwa choo. I know one who is owed a cool 300mirrions.

I heard supermarket owners start dipping into supplier money to fund their personal projects and that’s where the rain starts beating

Any wise supplier/investor/stakeholder should have sensed trouble three years ago when these “children” loudly attempted to evict the CEO. Hawa ni wale watoto hukuja kuitisha cashier pesa, vile naskia Shebesh pia alikuwa anafanya huko Marion schools.


Let them start selling alcohol

300million damn! as a supplier there are debt levels you shouldn’t allow one customer to reach. And think going forward I think the suppliers should treat each branch as a single entity so as to mitigate risks.

After watching the Nakumatt debacle, he/she obviously never learned. He/she will pay dearly for ignoring that important lesson from Nakumatt’s failure.

Quickmart is the new coolkid on the block.They have benchmarked their prices against Tuskys to ensure that if aTuskys customer walks in he never goes back to Tuskys.

People avoid Tuskys because it is usually more expensive than Naivas. It will be a miracle of the supermarket is standing in Dec 31, 2020

Kumbe i was not alone, i had to go buy some items at Quickmart since i couldn’t find them. I even asked one of the attendants why they have re-arraged shelves kumbe ni msoto inawachapa pole pole

So Naivas will get promoted to Top in Kenya very soon sio? Hehehe… Musical Chairs…

STOP thinking.

The branch dsnt give you the order! Head Office does.Head Office pays.
Unless ni supermarket iko na 2 branches.