Tushatombwa, Ona ii

Kenya’s largest public hospital wants to build a 15 billion private hospital.

NHIF inatafunwa kama ballgum…

Thd gates have opened n

Not everything is bad. UoN benefited “bigly” from having parallel degrees students paying private university fees to the institution. The cash infusion propped up the university finances and enabled it to expand and modernize. Before offering parallel degrees things were in very bad condition, ask those who were there in 1994.

You are talking of big buildings and buses. Compare the quality of graduates before and after parallel programme was introduced. The same thing in KU. Big buildings, big gates. Quality of the graduates?

Piga ua

And that will be the end of KNH as we know it today… Where do you think all the doctors at KNH will want to migrate to??

Kenyatta National Hospital got 6.7 billion.
ona sasa,
School laptop project got 13.4 billion, uliona laptop wewe?
Resettling IDP’s got 6 billion, 2016/2017, which IDP’s?

15 billion is alot of money