Tusaidieni UK kuchagua CS wa Finance

mimi naona hii kiti ikirudi rift valley
je wewe
take the pole

Nīandīke nyina…nonesense

I would prefer an outsider kabisa. An economics professor from a local university who is an unknown.
New brooms sweep cleaner

cant happen in 254
Dont be surprised akitoa Kimunya Bunge, just like he did with Nkaissery

There are many young Kenyans out there running million dollar corporations especially in the West but many of them are the wrong tribe and from the wrong economic background. So…

There are also young or even old brilliant minds right here in Kenya who would love to serve their country even for free but… hawajuani.

Na mbona isipewe mtu kama Githongo wakiwa na Ndii? :smiley:

Wishful thinking.

Kinyua Finance CS and Nzioka Secretary to Cabinet…Bookmark this!

Ma dvd take this to Barclay Queensway

Its only that Mudavadi is very senior for that job but anakuaga sober about public financial management. ata kama alikua kwa scandal juzi mudavadi knows one thing or two finance ministry hiezi mshinda

ouch, had forgotten he is a former minister

Nzioka was seconded to the presidency by Tony Blair, kufanyia wazungu kazi fulani uko na kuchange policy iwe favourable kwao. Nothing else. Kazi yake ikiisha atarudi kwa private sector. Nzioka hawezani na finance ministry


the same with those people proposing kivutha kibwana for presidency.

He is still referring to UK Gava as illegitimate, even after handcheque?
Bitterness will kill some people. Ndii needs to move on otherwise blood pressure tamalisa yeye.

Koimett ndio anajua inner circle’s za treasury and respected by the various cartels …babake alikua musito zaidi

Kinyua wanted to retire in 2017 due to personal reasons after the elections but President Uhuru didn’t want him to go. Thats how he stayed on from chief of staff to a reduced role as head of civil service. He would have been best for the job. If he gets picked its against professional advice. James macharia is the worst performing CS he doesn’t deserve any promotion. Recently parliament stopped him from handing over KPA terminal 19 that generates 10 billion annually to Mersk shipping. He had sneaked in an omnibus amendment on Merchants bill to give him power to singlehandedly allocate KPA berths to private companies on long term lease. New berths that KPA took loans from JICA to build. When that failed he turned to the new second container terminals that has berth 20 and 21. The biggest in Mombasa port. That was allocated to Kenya National Shipping Lines. Kumbe it has been privatized backdoor to MCL shipping and other local companies have shares. Those two berths generate 20 billion annually for KPA and it was built using 35 billion JICA loan. Now that has been stopped when union and muhuri sued in court to compelled government to release those documents for the 33 years lease. How would KPA repay those loans if the berth have been handed over to others. Now focus shifts to lamu port. Njiraini and Koimett pick will just be recycled dead wood. They have had their time let others have a chance. Kimunya is out for various reasons. Personally his rivalry with President Uhuru since grand coalition runs deep. Kitunyi is out. Maybe CS Adam promotion or a new person. However it will be someone close to Kenyatta’s.

Have you noticed he has become overweight?

Never said Nzioka to finance ministry?!

True, as much as Ndii is an intellectual , he has that attitude of “if am not the one doing something then what you are doing is wrong”, the nigger thinks he is the only one

Please admin clear this issue

what bitterness? Ni nini Ndii aliwahi andika that was wrong?